Amazingly Powerful, Surprisingly Light

Multi-functional Hydro Equipment

For Your Love Ones

Voted No 1 in Singapore Families

With German technology

Production, research and distribution over 35 Years

Air treatment and air aromatising

Let your love one sleeps like in the natural

Certified by ECARF

Cleaning have never been so easy

Multifunctional Device

Ability to do air treatment program
Deep mattress cleaning
Wet and dry wash

Easy To Use

Lightest, smallest hydro equipment
Able to reach ceilings/aircon/curtains
Easy to operate

Allergy Prevention

Reduce sinus and asthma
Reduce dust mites' allergy
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With Love.

Discover Better Health

Lura Premium cleans with the force of nature!

The ideal cleaner for allergy sufferers and pet lovers!

As found in our beautiful nature, the air is actually washed with Lura. Dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens are bound in water. Our Lura Premium air and room cleaning system is small, light and can be operated easily. It can be used by all household members, whether young or old. Lura weighs only 6 kg and requires only 2 litres of water!

Dust goes through water filtration with our special separator system, before going through Hepa Filter Class 13 for additional protection, bringing nature back to our home again.

Lura Premium a product of superior quality with exceptionally high suction power

Free 1 time no-obligation demonstration on-site in your home! Contact today for servicing appointment.

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Tan May Yen Jan

I'm very happy and pleased that Sherly was sent to my place. She enlighted me so much of what I could do to make my house cleaner and smelling better with Lura.

Chiam Boon Keong

Lura is more compact and has so many more functions, well designed which is more user friendly that make cleaning so much easier.

Joyce Leong

More effective than normal vacuum cleaner. Lura also able to clean many surfacing including glass, floor and mattress. Very functional.

Lucy Tan

Lura is more compact and has so many more functions, well designed which is more user friendly that make cleaning so much easier.

E. Tan

Probably the most versatile and multifunctional cleaning machine. An excellent demonstration by Irene, friendly and knowledgeable.

Alex Tan

URA is smallest and lightest hydro vacuum cleaner that I have ever tried and used. It is compact, multifunction and efficiently tag with a unbelievable competitive price tag.


The size is smaller, lighter, nicer, cheaper and the functions are more effective as compared to my current high end vacuum cleaner. LURA is my better choice now which I will highly recommend it to all my friends.

Lynne Wong

It is much more smaller and lighter as compared to other machine (hydro equipment) in the market. Price is reasonable for the function. Really love the air purifier and cleaning of mattress and pillow.