Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Advantages of Buying from an Authorized LURA Distributor or Dealer

You know who you are dealing with – an Authorized LURA Distributor who is committed to customer satisfaction.
You will receive an authorized warranty, and a brand new unit in perfect condition.
You will have access to convenient, authorized local service.

VIP Assistance support for LURA customers

We stand behind our Authorized Distributors and can only offer assistance to customers who have been purchased through authorized channel, should there be any queries regards to the machine, you may contact LURA Distributor directly or to call office at +65 63343309 for assistance (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Non-authorized sellers do not have access to LURA parts and accessories, and have not been qualified or skilled in how to properly service a LURA.

The only Authorized Distributor in Singapore (OCEAN CLEAN SINGAPORE PTE LTD) has the rights to market, service, repair through experience technicians, the LURA HYDRO EQUIPMENT on behalf of LURA INTERNATIONAL.