How to clean carpet as a cleaning master? The term “professional carpet cleaning” automatically makes you think that you will receive the best cleaning service. Different companies, however, use different methods for professional carpet cleaning. So, how do you decide which is best for your carpet?

Let Singapore Ocean Clean show you how we clean carpet. The following article will help you determine which carpet cleaning method to use and why.

Let Ocean Cleans show you how we clean carpet
Let Ocean Cleans show you how we clean carpet

Carpet Cleaning Methods We Use: The How and When

Our cleaning methods are each unique in their own way. Each method has been explained and when it is best to use it.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It works with hot water instead of steam, as its other name implies. Using high-pressure water, it causes the carpet to steam. Pressurized water agitates carpet fibers and removes deeply ingrained dust and dirt.

Afterward, a vacuum is used to remove the water used to clean the carpet, as well as any dirt. When using your carpet at home or work, you will need to let it dry for a few hours. Depending on the temperature of the room and the carpet’s material, the drying process can take anywhere between four and six hours.

The most effective method is often cited for several reasons. The hot water used in steam cleaning makes your carpet feel and look softer. It helps eliminate 90% of dust and allergens without using chemicals, which is perfect for allergy sufferers. However, you may need to have your carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction to keep the warranty valid if you check the warranty document for your carpet. Hot water cannot be used on all types of carpet.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning and deep carpet cleaning are quite similar. The main differences are the cleaning supplies used and the amount of time involved. main differences are the cleaning supplies used and the amount of time involved. difference between the two processes lies primarily in the cleaning supplies and the amount of time involved. For the deep cleaning process, we use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Cleansing products are applied to our steam cleaning machine and the steam cleaning process is repeated two or three times until all dirt is removed.

Carpets that are very dirty are usually cleaned using this technique. It might take some time for the paint to dry, so prepare to leave the living room / work space.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Using a motorized machine and an absorbent pad, bonnet carpet cleaning is conducted. Cleaning products are applied first. An absorbent pad on the machine absorbs moisture and dirt from the carpet’s surface.

Only surface dirt can be removed by this method. It can be used in places like hotels and businesses with 24/7 operations. A bonnet cleans commercial grade carpets very well because they have a dense, non-fluffy pile. The carpet cleaning method is fast and effective for larger office spaces. You should know, however, that bonneting is only a temporary solution, as your carpet gets dirty again soon after the cleaning, since it did not go deep. If left in your carpet for too long, it can cause damage to the carpet.

If you need to remove dirt quickly from your office, however, you can choose this method. By hiring professionals, you can ensure your carpet looks sparkling clean for a long time.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing is one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning, and it is both cost-effective and simple to use. The process is the same as washing your hair, but with a few differences.

Rotating brushes are used to apply the carpet shampoo to your carpet. Shampoo binds with dirt in the carpet as it dries and pulls it out. Using special vacuum equipment, the residue is removed after the carpet is completely dry and the shampoo with dirt has separated. The carpet must be vacuumed until there are no more residues. Dirt, grime, and dust are easily removed by shampooing. The problem with this method is the residue detergents leave. It attracts dirt, making your carpet dirty again not long after. The right type of shampoo and equipment also matter. We know how to make it work, though, if it’s what you want.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

A dry carpet cleaning method involves using a special cleaning compound or powder. It contains biodegradable particles that act like micro sponges and absorb dirt. Powder is applied by counter-rotating brushes, then dust and powder are removed by vacuuming.

Commercial areas benefit from this method since it uses little to no water. Carpets can be used immediately after the treatment. The lack of water prevents fiber damage and shrinkage for delicate carpets such as jute, seagrass, and coir.

Foam Cleaning

Encapsulation is also known as foam cleaning. The carpet is cleaned using a special foam that bubbles and expands. Crystallized foam encapsulates dirt in powder. We then vacuum, brush, or use steam extraction to remove the dried foam.

It is an eco-friendly method that requires little water. No chemicals are left behind. The technology may not be able to leave your carpet spick and span due to its limitations.

Compare the pros and cons of several carpet cleaning methods before choosing one for your carpet. If you look at the cleaning equipment used for each cleaning, you will notice that it is different. Here are a few examples.

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

You need more than a hand-held vacuum to clean. Singapore Ocean Clean offers a variety of carpet cleaning machines and supplies for cleaning and rejuvenating your carpet.

Some of the certified supplies and equipment include:

  • Portable carpet extractors
  • Power wands
  • Rotary extractors
  • Spotting machines
  • Truck-powered vacuums
  • Sweepers
  • Hoses and accessories
  • Sprayers
  • Dryers and Air movers
  • Green Cleaning Products

Certain factors determine what equipment and supplies we use to clean your carpet. Several factors come into play, including cleaning method, contamination level, and fiber material. Our professionals at Singapore Ocean Clean will take care of these details for you. Their expertise lies in how to clean carpets to perfection.

Order Carpet Cleaning Service from  Singapore Ocean Clean

Which is the best carpet cleaning method for you? Have you compared the various carpet cleaning methods? Steam cleaning is the most effective method for removing stains. Despite this, the bonnet’s quick drying time keeps you on the fence. It is even possible to maintain the durability of your carpet through dry carpet cleaning.At Singapore Ocean Clean, you don’t have to worry about all these details. Our professionals know precisely how to consider all the factors and choose the best cleaning method for you and your carpet. Contact us today and get the best carpet cleaning service!

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