Why you should vacuum first before rug cleaning?

Should a rug be vacuumed before rug cleaning with a steam carpet cleaner or washer? Wouldn’t vacuuming first be a waste of time? Since these machines have suction power, can they not remove the dirty water along with the deep cleaning process?

Why you should vacuum first before rug cleaning?
Why you should vacuum first before rug cleaning?

Short answer: Yes, always vacuum first

It is recommended to thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a vacuum cleaner (a water vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice). Afterward, you can begin cleaning the rug with a steam carpet washer or cleaner. By doing so, loose dirt particles and any gravel/sand that may have been tracked into the home will be removed.

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Additionally, it will fluff the carpet fibers, which will loosen deep-seated dirt. As a result, the overall carpet cleaning task will be more effective since it will be able to clean deeper. Having only one tank for your steam carpet cleaner will also reduce the number of times you will need to change the (dirty) water during the carpet cleaning process.

If you vacuum, you may encounter small items that could block a carpet cleaner hose, such as elastics, hair accessories and small toys. It doesn’t matter what kind of carpet cleaner you use, vacuuming before cleaning is more effective.

Vacuum before using carpet cleaners

Basically, there are two types of carpet (steam) cleaners: carpet washers and handheld carpet spotters. Unless you vacuum first, you may end up smearing dirt and grime along the cleaning path as you work, which adds to your overall carpet cleaning task.

Cleaning a carpet with dirty water is like washing the floor with a dirty mop and dirty water. It doesn’t work very well. It’s crucial that you keep to a schedule if you’re renting a carpet washer. To do so, you should complete those other tasks first.

As a result, you should vacuum your carpet before picking up the rug cleaner. You should also declutter and remove all small furniture items from the room before using the rug cleaner.

Before you begin cleaning, it is highly recommended that you read the instructions and the machine manual. The water in the tank will still be hot when you use that machine, so being focused will make the process faster. Some machines come equipped with onboard water heaters.

When the rug has dried, vacuum it, again

You will need to vacuum again after the rug has dried completely (some machines are better at extracting most of the cleaning water after cleaning). It removes grit and sand that were brought up to the surface, but weren’t removed by the machine. Additionally, it will fluff the carpet fibers and make them look nicer.

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