How Much Does It Cost For Mattress Cleaning in Singapore?

Regularly cleaning your mattress can remove allergens, dust, bacteria, and stop serious mattress problems including mold and odors. However, you don’t have much time for that hard work. It’s easy to find a mattress cleaning service in Singapore, but it’s hard to find a trusted and good skilled partner. 

Why is Mattress Cleaning so important?

Mattress cleaning takes away all forms of bad odor and dirt, dust and mites that are present within the mattress. Here are some of the disastrous issues that mattress cleaning resolves:

• Bed bugs and dust mites, which bite people and make sleeping unbearable
• The removal of any dust and allergic substances which are harmful
• Elimination of any present viruses and bacteria
• Poor sanitation and state of the mattress.

Lura Premium - a German technology cleaning system
Mattress cleaning takes away all forms of dirt, dust and mites

If the dust mites were left to live in your bed, they would slowly multiply as they feed on skin, which you shed during your sleep averagely 10 grams a week, more than enough to keep them alive. Dust mites do not carry diseases, but cause allergic reactions such as asthmatics.

How Much a Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Costs

In Singapore, the cost of cleaning a single mattress is $90 SGD, a queen-size and king-size mattress costs around $120 SGD. If you do bulk cleaning, you can save on transportation and labour costs.

However, for first time trial, Ocean Clean offers the best deal of just $39 SGD for 2-hour mattress deep cleaning and 1-room air treatment (original price is $240 SGD). With this package, you’ll not only prevent allergies, but you’ll also feel more energized and less sluggish when you wake up in the morning. A clean bed and fresh air can do more than you think. This is our thank you for your trust in our service as well as the opportunity for us to help you have a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy our 2-hour deep cleaning service with only $39 SGD

All in all, cleaning a mattress is unavoidable. Keeping dirt away from your mattress is actually the first step in cleaning, avoid eating or drinking in your bed, and also let the pets sleep in their cots. It’s no use sleeping with the enemy if it causes you discomfort much later.

Is it necessary to have a mattress cleaning machine?

If you periodically have to undertake mattress cleaning, then it is much more advisable that you purchase your cleaning materials. This will prove to be much more favorable and pocket friendly as you will not have to hire professionals all the time to do the job for you. Lura Premium, a water filtration vacuum, is a good option with its high power and compactness.

A mattress cleaning machine is necessary, especially for those people who often have pets on their beds. Pets carry around many insects and germs on their fur, especially dogs and cats, such includes fleas and mites depending on the cleanliness condition of the animal.
The anti allergen can be sprayed at least once a week in the morning after waking up. This will destroy any pests or parasites and will make the mattress unfavorable for them to stay in.

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