Bedroom Cleaning Tips: Here’s How To Clean Your Bedroom Effectively

Here are some easy and effective ways for your bedroom cleaning process.


The first step in bedroom cleaning is to tidy up your room, collect all the things that can be washed, and start to clean it.

  • Instead of leaving clothes lying around, try putting them away.
  • Let the room air out by opening the windows.
  • At least every other week, remove the sheets from the bed and wash them.
  • To clean windows, blinds, and furniture, use a thin flexible dusting wand.
  • Regularly vacuum high-traffic areas.
  • For a sweet-smelling scent when washing your favorite bedding, add some bath salts to the final cycle of the wash.

When you are deep cleaning your bedroom, don’t forget to equip a vacuum cleaner in order to get a better result. It is recommended that you use a Lura water filtration vacuum, as the water filter will help trap the dirt that is often harmful to your health, like micro dust, and dust mites waste products, and prevent them from floating back into your home’s air.

The environmentally friendly Lura cleaning system provides the best water vacuum and is always available.

Lura water vacuum is an all-in-one device. You can use it for mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, or even air treatment. There is no need to buy different kinds of devices and waste money on them when you have Lura water vacuum now.

Lura water vacuum helps you clean your bedroom faster and more effectively.
Lura water vacuum helps you clean your bedroom faster and more effectively.


  • You can use a commercial foam upholstery cleaner or mix 1/2 teaspoon liquid dishwashing detergent with a quart of warm water if the mattress is musty. Then whip it with an egg beater, and apply the suds with a sponge or soft brush without soaking the mattress.
  • Focus on a small area at a time, overlapping areas to prevent spotting. Keep the rinse water clean by changing it frequently. Let one side dry completely before doing the other. Use a fan to speed up the drying process.
  • If you want to remove musty odors from your mattress, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on it. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up.

Making your bed

  • Straighten out the mattress pad.
  • Put the fitted sheet on.
  • Place the top sheet in the center of the bed. The wide hem starts approximately one foot from the top of the headboard. If the sheet is patterned, put it down the wrong side up so the top hem will be facing the right way when you pull it over the blanket.
  • Lay the blanket over the top of the sheet, approximately a foot and a half from the headboard. Mark a small X at the top center of the blanket with a laundry marker to make it easier for you to line it up.
  • Just go around the bed once, tucking the sheet and blanket together, as the hotel maids do. If you want to make a “hospital corner,” pick up the edge of the sheet (and blanket if you’re going to make them together) about 15 inches from the foot of the bed. Fold it diagonally by lifting it up. Tuck the part of the sheet and blanket that is hanging underneath the mattress after you have laid the fold on the mattress. Drop the fold, smooth it out, and tuck it under the mattress as well.
  • Near the headboard, fold the top of the sheet over the top of the blanket. Replace the pillows. You can use a bedspread if you wish.
  • When you’re sick of dealing with the top sheet, simplify it. Get rid of it altogether, and use a duvet instead.
  • Instead of having several fitted sheets for each bed, use just one. After cleaning, put it back on the bed right away. No storage is required.


  • Brass and varnished beds can both be cleaned by dusting, then using a damp cloth and lemon oil.
  • If your headboard is made of wood, you can clean it with furniture polish, and if it’s made of laminate, use a liquid abrasive or all-purpose cleaner.

Here are all the tips we want to share with you for a better bedroom cleaning process. In case you still have concerns about deep cleaning your house in the future, get in touch with Ocean Cleans – a company that offers professional cleaning service in Singapore – via +65 6334 3309 and let them handle it for you.

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