House cleaning tips for pet owners: start with a deep clean!

Are you a cat or dog owner in need of some clever cleaning tips? Do you need a deep clean? It’s not as difficult as it may seem to keep your home odor-free and spotless, whether you wash chew toys or buy the right sofa.

How cat or dog owners should deep clean their homes?
How cat or dog owners should deep clean their homes?

Take a look at these easy cleaning tips every dog owner should know and try at home:

1. Have a deep clean regularly

Make it a habit to clean toys, throws, blankets, and dog beds regularly to keep your space looking neat. The deep clean process is simple, but it’s important to reduce the spread of germs, grime, and growing bacteria.

Simply fill your sink with hot water and a dash of dish soap to keep toys smelling fresh (avoid harsh chemicals). After washing each toy individually, rinse it well and let it air dry.

2. Cover your furniture

Dogs love to curl up on the sofa, but muddy paws, pet odors, and shedding fur can damage soft furniture items. Invest in blankets and cushions to drape over the sofa for your pup if you want to protect your comfortable chairs. In addition to providing a cosy place to relax, it is much easier to wash. However, you still need a deep sofa cleaning every month to fully remove odor from your upholstery.

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3. Leave muddy paw prints to dry

When your dog leaves muddy paw prints all over your new cream carpet, it can be frustrating. When you spot flecks of mud, let them dry before wiping them away. You can use a scrubbing brush to loosen the dirt after the mud has hardened. Don’t forget to vacuum up any excess dirt.

4. Choose durable materials

Due to its durability and ease of cleaning, leather is one of the best couch coverings for pet owners. Among other fabrics, microfibre, velvet, and canvas are known for their practical pet-friendly finish.

5. Sprinkle baking soda to remove odor

Spread baking soda on your carpet to eliminate pet odors. Baking soda neutralizes stubborn acidic smells without the use of harsh chemicals, whether you have a dog or cat. After letting the baking soda sit for a while, vacuum it up. Your carpet will be fresh in no time.

6. Keep on top of clutter

The job of cleaning is already difficult enough, but having to clean up after a dog can seem never-ending. The best way to maintain your home is to keep it clutter-free – and tuck those toys away at the end of the day.

7. Use antibacterial products on your floors

Also, remember to clean hardwood floors. Using antibacterial products will not only remove dog dander, but will also lift any lingering smells. Mopping or steaming your floors is a great way to keep them fresh.

8. Buy your pup a drool bib

You can use slobber bibs to catch slobber that drips from your pups when they eat, relax or chew on a toy.

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