Livingroom Cleaning: 8 Steps To Make Your Living Room All Clean Again

Occasionally, things happen…
A child spills something; your husband hits his hand with a hammer; you wash your new white dress with your new red dress and now you have a pink dress; your kids or spouse invite people over with only fifteen minutes’ notice. We can assist with that last one. Check out these tips for a fast and effective livingroom cleaning.

Livingroom will often get dirty if you don't have a livingroom cleaning routine
Livingroom will often get dirty if you don’t have a livingroom cleaning routine

Step 1: Get your supplies ready

It will reduce clean-up time for your livingroom cleaning process if you have your cleaning supplies in a caddy or basket. General items you should consider packing in your Quick cleanup caddy include sponges, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaners, and paper towels. A vacuum or broom is also necessary for a quick living room clean-up.

To have a better livingroom cleaning result and prevent micro-dust or dust mites waste products from floating in the air, consider using a water filtration vacuum to trap all the dirt in the water filter. If you care, the Lura cleaning system is always available and provides the best water vacuum for deep cleaning.

Lura water vacuum is an all-in-one cleaner, you can use it for mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, or even air treatment. Now that you have Lura water vacuum, you won’t need to buy different kinds of devices and waste money on them.

Lura water vacuum make your livingroom cleaning process more effective
Lura water vacuum make your livingroom cleaning process more effective

Step 2: Clean up clutter

Gather all the clutter that does not belong in your living room in a bin or basket. For example, shoes, toys, etc. Put the bin aside for now; we’ll deal with it later.

Step 3: Fold blankets

There are probably blankets on the ground or lying on the couch if your family members are avid blanket users. Fold them up and place them where they belong.

Step 4: Refresh the couch

Fluff the pillows and cushions of your couch and, if you have a leather couch, spot cleans the surface with a damp rag. Take a handheld vacuum and go over the couch once or twice if you have time.

Step 5: Vacuum or sweep

Take a vacuum and sweep the rug with it. The carpet loves to collect crumbs, and with a patterned rug, certain things are easy to miss. This provides a food source for bugs. Vacuum frequently to avoid pests. Sweep the big stuff away after vacuuming. Later, when you have more time, you can do a more thorough sweep.

Step 6: Spot clean your floors

It’s dirty on the floor in your living room. There’s dust, dirt, crumbs, and grime everywhere. Occasionally, we spill things on our floors, which can quickly turn into a sticky mess. Despite our best efforts, residue can still remain. Bugs are aware of this and will take full advantage of it. Put on your sponge and soak it in some warm, soapy water. Ensure that any sticky spots are removed, as well as any visible spots not picked up by the vacuum.

Step 7: Dust

A fun fact about spiders: they like dust. This quick cleanup will not only make you feel good, but it will also keep those eight-legged critters out. Use a duster or microfiber cloth to quickly wipe down surfaces that are prone to collecting dust.

Step 8: Spot clean glass surfaces

Spray some glass cleaner on a rag and wipe the glass clean. This will save you some cleaner since you won’t need to use it as often. It will also help you focus on splatters and grime that are more noticeable on the glass. You already dusted, so there shouldn’t be a problem with lint getting all over the place.

If you have extra time after completing all these steps, grab that bin filled with the clutter you accumulated in the living room and store it.

There are all 8 steps for livingroom cleaning that we want to share with you. In case you don’t have time for livingroom cleaning or if you simply don’t want to, you can contact Ocean Cleans – a Singapore professional cleaning service – via +65 6334 3309 and let them handle the rest for you.

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