The 10 Best Tips To Clean Your Home Like A Professional Cleaner

With these professional deep cleaning tips, you can become a professional cleaner by working smarter, not harder.

A professional cleaner knows the fastest, least expensive ways to remove mineral buildup and freshen your home’s air. This list of tips from a cleaning company is full of great shortcuts that can be used in any home.

There are 10 shortcuts you can use to clean your house faster
There are 10 shortcuts you can use to clean your house faster

1. Removing hard water stains

Rub stainless steel sinks, faucets, and other appliances with a lemon half to remove hard water stains. Rinse with warm water after letting the lemon juice sit for a few minutes and the surface will shine like new. (Need more help? Check out my tips to Remove Hard Water Spots.)

2. Get rid of greasy buildup

You can remove grease and cooking buildup from your kitchen cabinets using a mixture of 1 part vegetable oil and 2 parts baking soda. Brush the buildup with an old toothbrush, and be sure to get into the wood and cabinet handles.

3. Make your iron shiny

Burnt messes and other buildups on your iron can be removed using salt. Place a pillowcase on your ironing board and sprinkle salt on it. With the steam option off, iron the salt, and your iron will come out clean.

4. Eliminate the mildew smell from towels

You will also smell like mildew if you accidentally leave towels in the wash too long. When this happens, put the towels back in the machine with a cup of vinegar. Use hot water to run a cycle, and the smell will go away.

5. Clean, dust-free air returns

Cold air return vents can get pretty dusty if they’re overlooked. Wrap a rag over a butter knife and slide it through each crevice to clean dusty air vents. To remove more stubborn dirt, wash them in a sink of hot, soapy water, then rinse and dry them thoroughly.

6. Stale mattresses

Dust and skin cells can build up in your mattress over time. Freshen your bed by stripping it and dusting it lightly with baking soda. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then vacuum it slowly. If your mattress is older, you may also want to clean it with homemade mattress stain removers.

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7. Prepare a general cleaning spray

Combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water, and add a drop or two of liquid dish soap. It can be applied with a sponge or rag to kitchen appliances and counters.

8. Keep a cleaning checklist at all times

To ensure a room has been thoroughly cleaned, always refer to a cleaning checklist. You won’t overlook any step with a good list that guides you through every task in the right order. You’ll know you have done the job right if you cross things off as you go rather than relying on memory.

9. Shine up baking sheets

With a mixture of 1 part baking soda and 1 part hydrogen peroxide, you can make cookie sheets and baking pans new. Rub the mixture over the baking sheet and let it sit for about two hours, then wipe it clean. Let it dry completely before using.

10. Make your fridge odor-free

Put a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to absorb odors. Your fridge will remain smelling fresh if you replace the coffee grounds every two months. It is also possible to use coffee grounds to eliminate musty or stale smells in other parts of your home.

Here are 10 tips to clean your house like a professional cleaner that we want to share with you. However, in some cases, you may face stubborn stains which are really hard to clean or you simply don’t know how to clean them. If that happens, don’t panic and just call Ocean Cleans – a company that provides professional cleaning service with certified experienced cleaners in Singapore – via +65 6334 3309 and they will take care of everything for you.

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