One of nature’s tiniest causes of misery, dust mites in bed have a bad reputation. Dust mite feeding habits don’t distinguish between your body fragments and hair or dead skin cells from any other source.

Dust mites in bed don't bite, sting, or burrow, and won't bite, sting, or burrow
Dust mites in bed don’t bite, sting, or burrow, and won’t bite, sting, or burrow

Dust mites in your bedding don’t bite, sting, or burrow, and won’t bite, sting, or burrow. They can, however, cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you suffer from asthma or hay fever, you need to learn how to remove these annoying creatures from your home environment.

House dust mites – where do they come from?

Dust mites can be found in virtually every house. In general, humidity is the most important factor in determining how fast dust mites reproduce.

Because dust mites cannot drink water, they absorb moisture from the air. Due to this, dust motes cannot survive in areas with high humidity or a desert-like climate. That’s why they live near your bed where mattress materials trap sweat that collects at night.

Allergy symptoms related to house dust mites

House dust mite allergy symptoms include:

  • Sneezing
  • Congestion or difficulty breathing
  • Runny nose with thick mucus production
  • Red, itchy eyes

There is a wide range of symptoms depending on how sensitive you are to dust mite feces.

If you experience worsening symptoms when cleaning or going to bed, you may have dust mite allergies. This is when allergens are at their peak. You may be allergic to dust mite species if you suddenly begin sneezing or wheezing during the day.

For relief from these symptoms, many people turn to over-the-counter dust mite allergy medications or even steroids.

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A regular mattress deep cleaning schedule is recommended to prevent dust mite allergies. Cleaning your home professionally will help you remove most dust mites and provide your family with a healthier environment.

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