Business Opportunity

Established Brand Value

Lura Hydro Equipment has developed and established a valuable business model. You are investing in a brand and a business whose value will increase over time much faster than a comparable independent traditional business.

Proven System

Get access to a system that works: the business has gone already through a long process of improvement, perfecting all aspects of the Lura business model in many countries around the world.

Current Problems

Almost 15 per cent of Asia's adult population are affected by asthma and nearly 40 per cent are susceptible to allergic rhinitis, an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract that causes sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses, making Lura Hydro Equipment a necessary product to reduce and prevent in every household.

Family Precious Time Saved

By using the Lura Hydro Equipment, Lura family users reduce time needed to do house work, they get to do more productive things. This allow the company to have high customer demand on the product as they rather spend more quality time with their love ones.