Servicing Department

We believed your weekends weren't made for housework
We have a team of responsive dedicated servicing team to clean up your home, to do what we are unable to do in the past especially high areas like curtains, stubborn corners, mattress which lives a community of dust mites deep beneath, to create a better environment foreveryone to live in.

Dedicated Team

Very Specialize team of passionate members to solve all the issues you may have.

Easy Appointment

Just allow 1 week in advance for pre bookings to ensure we have the time slot we want to fix for the cleaning service.

Effective Results

With just 1 free servicing trial, you will be able to see the results of a clean and fresher home. Call us today to fix an appointment with our company.

We Care

When your family is all healthy and happy with the results, it gives us a sense of satisfaction in everything that we do.


Marketing Department Why us?

Light but Durable

In today's society, regardless it's our mobile phone, laptops, or any other electronic devices, the first concern that we look at is the size, weight as well as quality of its product. LURA - An Evolution Design of the future.

R & D Department

Our strength comes from the company's experienced R & D department, continuously improving its fundamental research, technology development, concept and new product development, prototyping, etc. We existed to provide our family with only the best!!!

Quality Design

Every part of the hydro equipment and it's accessories are made of precise top quality as you are the best and we only give the best to our families.