With a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, your life can be a lot easier. Are you utilizing the full potential of your vacuum cleaner?

With a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, your life can be a lot easier
With a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, your life can be a lot easier

Dry off your deck after hosing it down

Power washing your decking can really bring it back to life. However, using too much water can have the opposite effect.

When cleaning your decking, set your vacuum to blow to remove leaves and debris (it is a good substitute for a leaf blower).

When you’ve power-washed the decking clean, set your vacuum to suck and vacuum up any leftover water and residue, as otherwise the dirty water will simply sink back into the decking.

Removing dents from your carpet

The placement of heavy furniture often leaves unsightly carpet dents visible – an obvious clue as to where it used to be.
The dents can be removed by placing ice cubes over the dents and waiting for them to melt. This will loosen the carpet fibers. In order to return the carpet fibres to their normal position, vacuum over them with your wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Dry your car

Many car enthusiasts use leaf blowers to dry their cars after washing, but your wet and dry vacuum on the blow setting is also perfect for this task (it is also great for removing stains from car seats).

Clean your hot tub

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a suck function is perfect for removing leftover water from fish tanks, hot tubs or small ponds when cleaning.

A hot tub will empty to a certain point, but you’ll still have water at the bottom below the drain spout. You need to get into the tub and manually empty the rest with a bucket, but this type of vacuum cleaner makes this job easy. Turn your vacuum on suction and remove any remaining water.

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