Best vacuum tips: 8 places in the home you should be vacuuming more often

Most of us regularly vacuum our carpets and hard floors in our homes. A thorough vacuum involves much more than that. Follow our best vacuuming tips to maintain a clean home.

Follow our best vacuuming tips to maintain a clean home.
Follow our best vacuuming tips to maintain a clean home.

Other areas of your home benefit greatly from a good vacuum (such as a water vacuum cleaner), but are often neglected, collecting dust and dirt. Bacteria, germs, and mites can fester in your home, affecting your health and making it look unsightly.

1. Inside drawers

Even though drawers might not be the first place you think to vacuum, they should be cleaned on a regular basis. You should vacuum frequently used as well as untouched drawers in order to maintain these great storage areas.

As dust collects in drawers, it can transfer to items stored inside, such as clothes. This will cause a musty smell as well as breathing and skin problems.

Vacuuming drawers in the kitchen is particularly important as they tend to collect crumbs and bits of food. Pay close attention to these areas, as they could be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

2. Blinds and curtains

Dust can quickly build on blinds and curtains. Due to the location next to the window, this dust can circulate around the room, which can potentially cause respiratory problems. In order to thoroughly clean your curtains and blinds, you should vacuum with a dusting tool.

3. Mattresses

You probably wash your sheets regularly and keep your bedroom tidy, but did you know you should also vacuum your mattress? Your upholstery cleaning machine‘s attachment can be used to clean within the crevices. You don’t have to do this every week, but try to schedule it into your cleaning schedule occasionally.

4. Under your bed

You can’t see it, but it’s still there. Keep this in mind as you clean your house. Dust and dirt can easily accumulate beneath furniture, irritating allergy sufferers. Unlike traditional corded vacuums, lura cleaning system enable you to clean in areas that are not reachable for some corded vacuums with a 3-meter lightweight suction hose.

5. Your broom

Believe it or not, you need to vacuum your broom. It may seem absurd to vacuum your cleaning tools, but when you think about it, a broom can collect a tremendous amount of dust and hair, but unlike a vacuum cleaner, this dirt has nowhere to go. We recommend that, during your cleaning routine, you vacuum your broom a bit.

6. Sofas

Even if you cannot see the dust, you should vacuum your sofa every week. Carpets and floors are easy to remember to clean, but furniture should also be cleaned. Pet hair, dust, germs, and so forth can accumulate on surfaces, so using a vacuum with different attachments can be beneficial.

7. Window sills

If you’re cleaning your window sill with a cloth, why not vacuum as well? A vacuum can help keep allergens under control and prevent them from blowing around. As a result, everything gets sucked up quickly and easily, which is better for your health.

8. Keyboard

The keyboard and laptop on your computer are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning, even though we use them frequently. Just by looking at the keys, you can see how grime and dust can accumulate. A simple wipe down won’t do. Instead, use your vacuum’s brush attachment to clean right between the keys.

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